Wildhawk Golf Improvement Center

WildHawk Golf Improvement Center

Jim Marta will be moving to the long horn state April 10th

If you have lessons on a series please get them in before April 2nd.

Judy and I are moving to be with family in Fort Worth.  

Lessons are still available at Wildhawk by calling the pro shop 916-688-4653

This booking site can be used until April 10th. 

WildHawk Golf Travel Club

Dear ILT , Marta Group Traveler,

Ilt and Jim Marta has made the decision to cancel the planned trip to the Marival Residences this January based on current events with Covid. 


This was not an easy decision, as we will miss seeing many of you this winter, but we look forward to better days that lie ahead, and seeing you all back together next winter on our non-stop charters!



  • For the past 25 years Jim Marta has been traveling with ILT Golf Vacations primarily to Mexico. The WildHawk Golf Travel Club for 2021 is departing January 27th 2021  for Marival  Mexico. 
  • ILT Golf Vacations is NorCal’s #1 Golf Vacation Travel Company, traveling more than 200,000 satisfied golfers since 1973.
  • ILT Golf Vacations has over 40 years of experience in creating, promoting, and operating group golf vacation programs worldwide, most recently specializing in Mexico.
  • ILT is by far the largest traveler of golfers in all of Northern California. ILT specializes only in group tours, buying directly from the source and passing those savings on to its passengers. This is why I am able to offer such a tremendous value on my trips like no other.
  • Currently, our trips feature:
    • 3 rounds of golf at top rated, renowned golf courses.
    • Round trip from the Sacramento airport.
    • Luggage and club transportation included.
    • 7 days in luxury accommodations.
    • Gourmet restaurants included.
  • You’ll be glad you did. You will receive more vacation, more golf for less and greater peace of mind as ILT is the most established and most reliable company of its kind. Golf with us and you’ll be glad you did!