Wildhawk Golf Improvement Center

WildHawk Golf Improvement Center

Quick Start New 2 Golf Clinic Starting Sept. 21st.                 9-10am or 5-6pm    $120. 

On Course Playing Lessons

On Course Playing Lesson   $175. Private   /   $105. ea. for two   /  $80. ea. for three  /  $70. ea. for four

Playing a round of golf is quite different than practicing on the driving range. Learn how to take your range swing to the golf course. Learn on-course skills and the course strategy to get the most enjoyment out of your golf outings.   You can’t learn the entire game just practicing on the range.

During the on course playing lesson I covers on-course instruction along with course and self management to build confidence and consistency in your game. Portions of the round will be videotaped, analyzed and sent to you by V1 Coaching. 

Call or email Jim if you have friends that would like to join you.  jim@totalgolfic.com     916-629-4752