Wildhawk Golf Improvement Center

WildHawk Golf Improvement Center

Jim Marta will be moving to the long horn state April 10th

If you have lessons on a series please get them in before April 2nd.

Judy and I are moving to be with family in Fort Worth.  

Lessons are still available at Wildhawk by calling the pro shop 916-688-4653

This booking site can be used until April 10th. 

Junior Golf Lessons

Junior Private Lessons 17 and under   $60. Each   Three for $150.   Six for $240.

Golf coaching offers a wealth of benefits for juniors; it encourages the development of important personal and life skills, including co-operation, concentration, self-motivation and respect.

Middle and High School age juniors preparing for their High School golf will not be disappointed. Jim helps with not only fundamentals, physical, but mentally as well. Jim will be working on how to play your best in any situation.


Junior Semi-Private Lessons    2 for $40 each   $20. For each additional student up to four.

Semi-private lessons allows for a fun intimate setting while also receiving invaluable attention from Jim.  Put down that device and grab your friends and do something outside while learning how to play golf.