Wildhawk Golf Improvement Center

WildHawk Golf Improvement Center

Jim Marta will be moving to the long horn state April 10th

If you have lessons on a series please get them in before April 2nd.

Judy and I are moving to be with family in Fort Worth.  

Lessons are still available at Wildhawk by calling the pro shop 916-688-4653

This booking site can be used until April 10th. 

Jim Marta   I am taking some time off this winter and will returning to the lesson tee January 15th.  Looking forward to working with you then.

Merry Christmas

I was born into a golfing family and started taking lessons from my father, a Golf Professional at Sunken Gardens Golf Course in San Jose, Ca. Taking a lot of golf lessons at an early age gave me a desire and passion to learn more about how the golf swing worked. After some time in the USAF, I opened a driving range in San Jose which gave me an opportunity to study the swings of not only the great players but also the average golfer trying to get better. I was using Graf check and video cameras in the late 60’s long before it was popular. I had a lot of success teaching the swing to beginners along with to Golf Professionals but I learned that teaching a swing is a lot different than teaching someone how to play and enjoy themselves on the course. In 1981 my wife (Judy) and our boys (Jason and Jacob) moved from San Jose to Sacramento to take the Head Golf Professional position at Cordova Golf Course. I found a great place to raise a family and do the thing I am good at and passionate about, and that’s helping others. Over the past 44 years I have given many thousands of people a better insight into their game. I always have been a good golfer but I spent more time on the driving range helping others than myself. I am still competitive but I am better at teaching the game. I have also been to several of the PGA Teaching Summits put on by the PGA of America. I started Capital Christian High School golf program and helped many other high school golf teams. I have worked with the disabled, blind golfers and returning Veterans.  The thing that still gets me going is to watch the smile on a students  face as they start to have fun on the golf course.


Coaching Philosophy

I have been a Golf Professional for over 40 years. My love for coaching and teaching the game has never gotten old. I cherish the joy and excitement of helping men, women and juniors have fun on the course.

My coaching philosophy has always been to give students just what they need and no more.   The “one swing fits all” is not my approach to teaching.  My approach is designed for each individual student.  I take the physical limitations, body types, strength, balance, flexibility and the personality of each golfer into consideration. Instead of teaching you how to make the perfect golf swing, I will teach you how to play and enjoy this game called golf.

There are endless magazines articles, videos on YouTube, 24/7 internet golf instructions and your golf buddies to add to the complexity of something that last only 1-1/2 seconds.  There are no mysteries to the golf swing, it has pretty much been figured out.  I believe there is a way to teach the game so that anyone can succeed and have fun, regardless of time or athletic ability.  I utilize  a variety of teaching methods and teaching aids to improve your ball striking  while having fun and enjoying the experience.  I use the video V1 Coaching System that gives students a better understanding of what’s going on with their swing and the one thing that is necessary to move to the next step. It is easy to see what is wrong with a swing, but to determine the cause and come up with a solution and game plan, takes an experienced Golf Professional and I want to be your Golf Professional.

I am confident that you will find my methods to be simple, enjoyable and easy to understand. An approach that will give you that consistency you are looking for. I am looking forward to helping you improve your game and guiding you through this wonderful journey of golf and the great memories that it provides.

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